Thursday, December 27, 2007

...snoopy pt. 2...

over at apartment therapy anh-minh did a piece on my living space for their 'house call' section. if you want to take a gander at what i'm livin' in go here...

also, york did a piece on me here...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

...happy this time of year to everyone...

above is a piece i did for a friend of mine of her recently born daughter and recently deceased greyhound. by 'recently' i mean in this past year-ish...give or take some time. just a pinch.

it could just be that i am out of sorts with my hare-brained sleep schedule that i am about to say such things...but this time thing is a crazy, abstract experience. last year i broke out of the conventional year and celebrated my new year on nov. 2nd. but popping back into the jan-dec calendar and looking back over 2007 all i have to say is that everything couldn't be more different and trying and amazing than i had expected from when it started. i am always impressed by this. a person can cram a lot into a year.

best wishes and hopes to a lot more cramming for everyone.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

...scavenger hunt...

it just occurred to me today to go snooping over at the giant robot transmissions page. the photos are up from the opening i had in november. there are a lot of photos to go through. so much so that it only seems appropriate to have a scavenger hunt.

find these:

1. four beardos
2. deb dormody with her coat on
3. deb dormody without her coat on
(if you don't know what deb dormody looks like, well, research is half the fun of scavenging)
4. my dad
5. tamson weston, my editor for an upcoming children's book
6. donna bray, my editor from a children's book i just finished up
7. the two dudes who came to the opening to hit on all the ladies
8. girls named sara, or sarah
9. the photo of me and my brother that is not as half as cute as the one that deb took
10. the dude who's reading books and not looking at art or rubbing elbows
11. 20 people in glasses
12. photographic red eye
13. paddy, one of jason's roomates (hint: she's canadian)
14. people looking like they are explaining things
15. cheryl, the manager at the gallery (hint: she's the nicest)

Saturday, December 15, 2007 the point...

i was snooping around my brother's site and found the above entry. i should consider booking him as my full time pr man...

Friday, December 7, 2007


deb dormody
took this photo of jason and me near the end of my opening at grny. it is the best.

after looking at it a bit i noticed two things.

1. jason and i are coincidentally imitating the image behind my head.
2. jason somehow looks like a young mr. roarke...which led to this chain of images on deb's flickr page:

the visual aid of mr. roarke:

and the photoshopped recreation of the photo, only on the island and not in the gallery, because after all...who doesn't want to go to fantasy island:

Thursday, December 6, 2007

it was one year ago today that i adopted the sneak.

well, technically, my friend emily adopted her for me as i did not have a rhode island i.d..

but all that aside, i realized that today was the day while organizing paperwork....i mean i knew we crossed paths in december, but the number of the day was a whole other issue...

the thing is, is that when i went in to the rescue leauge i had had an entirely different cat in mind. her name was patches and i liked her for her sturdy shoulders and that her nose was this sort of flesh toned color on her marbled face...she reminded me of the fella from the digital underground.

long story short, she was not available that day. a little bummed, a little concerned i was called by emily from a row back with a "come look at this one..."

or something like that.

"come look at this one" indeed. the image that came to mind was a cow polar bear. she was one of the only cats that occupied a large cage by herself. she was huge and stretching. done.

according to the ladies behind the desk the sneak, or "sneaky" as noted by her card on her cage, had been there the months. they were happy as all get out that someone was going to take her home. not like relieved that the sneak was taken off their hands, but rather happy that she might have a home.

according to her papers she had been a returned rescue because she bit, clawed at rugs, and didn't get along with the previous owners' year old kitten. they checked off a box that said she was a 'loner'. they had had her for five days.

and i try not to be a person who judges, but it makes me mad every time i see those two words...five days. nothing, no one adjusts fully to anything in five days.

a year later we have the biting under control, her weight under relative control (her initial vet visit determined that she was a 10 lb. cat living in a 13 lb. body. in short, she was 30% overweight) and i can't keep her out of my lap.

happy anniversary.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

...dear seattle,...

you're one good lookin' city...but so much more so in snow...

the sneak thinking she wanted to be outside, but turns out not so much:

the sneak safe inside, but confused:

Friday, November 30, 2007


one of the things i did on my trip back home was to sort out the remaining details of my bike.

i don't drive. i walk or bus most places and get rides from friends to fill in the gaps. but now it's time to bike.

in providence i was hesitant to bike...on the one hand, i have no peripheral vision and my decision-making timing is tuned to walking, which is slow...on the other hand providence is crazy-go-nuts with narrow streets and bonker drivers. it was in providence that i learned to look both ways crossing a one way street.

i have a better feeling about seattle.

and so i am having a bike built by my friend emily...and i am so excited. i felt like so many people invest in their cars, i could invest a bit in a bike that i would want to use all the time.

this bike is already knocking my socks off.

...thanksgiving past...

the breakdown:

30+ friends
3 tofu pot pies
mashed potato stuffing
green bean casserole
tater tot casserole
shepherd's pie
black eyed peas
five loaves of home made bread
gingerbread men
stuffing stuffing
apple cake
cranberry sauce
fried green tomatoes
home made apple sauce
pizza strips
peanut chews
mixed nuts
late morning mimosas
many bottles of different things
and for some reason i am blanking out on the left hand side of the food table...

the photo was taken post eating melee...some folks went out on a walk and felt ill, some of us stayed by the fire and felt ill.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007 mistakes...

right now i am sitting in logan airport, waiting for my flight back to seattle. i have three hours. three hours. it's enough time to get into a decent amount of trouble...drinking games at the wolfgang puck lounge, playing dead, illegal dice games in the ladies' room...instead i am occupying my time with a flashback post.

so, i have just finished up maybe three months of work. i am on a work-free island of time for a few weeks before i jump back in. in the three months of putting every body part to the grindstone i ran into very few was smooth sailing really. and the thing about working continually from project to project, making 60 or 70 odd pieces of work you have to assume that at some point things are going to mess up. but it wasn't happening, until....

i was maybe half way through finishing work for 'told you so' at was late late late and i was just going to finish up the night inking in a few more pieces...and halfway twice through one piece and once through another piece my croquill pen blooped ink right in the middle of the ways that could not be accounted for or covered up by adding leaves or other foliage.

the first time i was all "oh that's okay jen corace, it was bound to happen sometime, let's start over'

the second time "hm. really."

the third time was a short burst of explitives directed at myself, and in the interest and love of symbols for curse words it went something like this: "mother!@#!%&! @#!! you jen corace!!"

i surprised myself.
everything was all better the next day.

anyhow, i made the third misstep into my new motivational poster that hangs above me as i work. over at the ol' flickr account are better images of the other two blobs that happened and what the blob on the third piece is definitely a french fur trapper who is certainly flipping off the girl in the foreground.

also, i know that at some point in my life i learned that there was a word for using symbols to replace curse words. i've looked it up on the interweb and it gave me "maledicta"...which sounds fine but doesn't seem to hit the memory spot. anyone else know?

Friday, October 26, 2007

...flick this...

sometimes i like to troll around on flickr...just plugging in 'corace' and seeing what happens. above is one of my favorite accidental photos of an image of my brother, jason. accidental b/c the first time i did a 'corace' search i was happily surprised to find this. he's my best friend...and in this photo he just looks so damned hospitable.

this is my second favorite accident...they're coraces. no coraces i know, but there they are. corace isn't a uber popular to find others, especially photographically, is inspiring in an alternate universe sort of way.

Friday, October 19, 2007


julia rothman operates a blog called 'book by its cover'. generally, it is a site that features smaller run, art-type books that are either part of her collection or a peek into another person's collection. it's a great way to set your peepers on books you might not come across easily and i really like the pared down nature of the site's design. all of the bells and whistles of interweb programmery take a hike and it's just you and the books.

julia has started a new series for sketchbooks. she's asked a group of artists, including me, to submit photos from their books to be posted for everyone else to get a peek. i'm excited to be a part of this series and, being one who enjoys seeing either the process of a person's work or their work's alter ego, i am excited to see the rest of it.

so, if you've ever caught yourself sitting around a train station, maybe picking somebody up or dropping them off or just loitering in general and totally picking kale out of your teeth and were unexpectedly struck with a need to see inside my sketchbooks...well, now's the time. jump on that wi-fi, warm up the iphone, crank up the blackberry and go here.

Friday, October 12, 2007


this is the piece i did for the kokeshi show coming up in november at subtext gallery. i have more photos up at my flickr page.

artists involved in the show:

Aaron Meshon, Alberto Cerriteno, Alex Noriega, Aline Yamada, Alison O’Donoghue, Ana Bagayan, Ana Juan, Ana Reinert, Annie Wilkinson, Audrey Kawasaki, Axel Honey, Bailey Saliwanchik, Blair Thornley, Brandi Milne, Calef Brown, Cameron Tiede, Camilla Engman, Catalina Estrada, Catherine Campbell, Celene, Christina Conway, CJ Metzer, Colorblok, Dan James, Dane Flighty, Fawn Fruits, Daniel M. Davis, Dennis Hayes IV, Edwin Ushiro, Emil Kozak, Evan B. Harris, Fiona Hewitt, Fiona Lee, Florence Pacho, Gina Triplett & Matt Curtius, Hicalorie, J Neth, Jasmine Worth, Jen Corace, Jeremiah Ketner, Joel Nakamura, Johnny Yanok, Joshua Krause, Joy Ang, Julie Morstad, Julie West, June Kim, Kate Wilson, Kelly Vivanco, Ken Garduno, Koralie, Leendert Masselink, Long Lé, Lorena Alvarez, Lori Joy Smith, Luke Feldman, Marcos Chin, Marjorie Ann Velez, Mary O'Malley, Matias Vigliano, Matte Stephens, Michelle White, Ming, Miss Led, Miss Mindy, Pamela Jaeger, Richard Wilkinson, Sayaka, Scott Saw, Shayna Yates, Stephan Britt, Stephane Tartelin, Susie Ghahremani, Tessar Lo, Tiffany Liu, Victoria Maderna, Yellena

...sneak peek...

i stole this image from debbie deb's flickr page, and i am pretty excited about this. i don't know why i never thought of it before, but this is the first time i've worked with if'n books with just a plain old drawing. usually i am busying myself with creating a drawing, scanning it in and creating a vector drawing on top of it...and not with a stylus pen, no, with a mouse and these days not even a mouse...just my laptop's track pad. all of this is silliness. (not that i don't like making vector drawings...i do. it feeds into some sort of obsessive fine tuning and noodling aspect of my brain. i like the problem solving aspect of it. psst....vector, i love you).

anyhow, this image/product will be available next tuesday, here. that is what deb tells me. she also tells me that this is bosses day. now i am all up for hootin' and hollerin' for deb who is the boss lady around if'n books...but i can't deny that there is a side of me that wants to be booin' and hissin' it up for any of the bosses out there that give bossin' a bad name. and they are a dime a dozen, everybody has had them.

i should also add that originally we intended to release this item in september, under my own sort of vauge, dateless holiday of 'september morn.' but schedules on both sides got busy and it got all pushed back to october. and in a loopy email i wrote to deb, this is how i pacified myself:

so, no bleed on the smacker. that was my original intent as i wanted to be good to alec this time know, after all these years. and yes, i would like to claim 'october morn' as the release date...the halloweeny/octoberfest version of neil diamond. maybe it should be like 'october moan' a neil diamond ghost w/ a hangover.

and that is an idea that is either genius or makes no sense like everything else i put into type these days.

september was a crazy, awesome, nonsensical month...

Monday, October 8, 2007


everyone deserves a skeletal system...

Sunday, September 23, 2007


...feeling the burn...

it's the season again where i am working around the clock and my hands and eyes get all cranky. i already have a series of hand stretches that keep me from cramping up. tonight i prowled the interweb for eye exercises as drawing line after line after line all day long makes them all crazy-go-nuts. i think i found a good series that i want to try out...namely, i was sold on exercise #23, the most inspiring line being halfway into the paragraph:

THE HOT DOG This exercise is done to improve the flexibility of the inside muscles of your eyes (called the ciliary muscles). It is important to keep those muscles flexible. Remember to breathe. Take two deep breaths. Either stand or sit with your feet, shoulder width apart. If you are standing, make sure your knees are slightly bent. Aim your eyes on any target in the distance. While looking at your distant target, bring your index fingers, tips touching about eight inches in front of your eyes and into your line of sight. Still aiming your eyes at the distant target calmly notice a mini hot dog has appeared between the tips of your fingers. Remember to continue to breathe easily and deeply. Do not let the awesome beauty of the mini hot dog to distract you and to cause you to aim your eyes directly at it. Continue to aim your eyes toward the distant target. Pull the tips of your fingers apart slightly and observe the hot dog floating in the air. Now keep the hot dog for two breaths, then look directly at your fingers and the hot dog will disappear. Do not retrieve the hot dog for two breaths; then look again in the distance and find it once again. Switch back and forth for two minutes.

Friday, September 7, 2007

...he's so craazaay...

who? my friend alec, that's who.

i snuck on over to his site only to find a piece i hadn't seen before, this one:

and i thought, "DANG!"

for all of the talking i do about wanting to make wallpaper he just goes and does it. dang.
then i noticed this piece:

double dang!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

...look what someone did...

it's from this site: mayna's fotolog.
i think it's portuguese.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

...peep show...

so, what HAVE i been doing lately? that is a good question.

this year has been a much slower year compared to the gauntlet of shows and work of 2006. it's been a purposeful putting on of the breaks. after maybe seven shows over an eight month period i felt like i was teetering on the edge of burning out. not in a permanent sort of way, but in a way that my work that i love to do and the people that i love having in my life was falling out of balance.

it's also really hard producing new work for each show (they were pretty much all back to back so i couldn't just take one show and move it along elsewhere, a lot of work sold {many thanks, much appreciation}{and not to just the folks who purchased, but to anyone who made it to the show, stopped by on the internet, dropped me a line...}). i reached a point before my final show in november at motel gallery in portland where i realized that because i had no time to sit and stew, take new things in, i worried that the quality of the work would go downhill.

so while i haven't been as visible this past year i have been up to plenty of shenanigans. i've turned more of a focus on children's books. i finished one in june and am wrapping up another one at the end of september. i've taken on smaller illustration projects that are here and there. and most importantly i've taken a good deal of time to sit and stare and think and meet up with friends and on and on and on.

in november i have two shows....well, a group show and a solo show.

the group show is at subtext gallery in san diego maybe on november 3rd? the show runs in conjunction with/celebration of Bunka-no-hi, and will showcase artist designed Kokeshi dolls. I am looking forward to doing something a little different...and by 'something a little different' i mean doing what i usually do only on a three dimensional object.

the solo show will be november 17th at giant robot in new york. it's my first solo show in a year. it's true. i will post more info about it, you know, when i have more than lists and ideas scrawled over random pages of several sketchbooks.

and just so you know i'm not faking it, i leave behind some evidence of my noodling.

Sunday, August 19, 2007 a pea, there a pea...

so far 'little pea' has been translated into french, japanese, korean, maybe german? that's terrible that i can't remember off the top of my head. anyhow, here's pea in italian:

and in hebrew...which is pretty spectacular as the construction of the book works from right to left, spine on the right and opening on the left:

and what i love about this publishing house is its sweet character logo:

Saturday, August 18, 2007

...1, 16, 17, 32...

i have a new mouth. well, a renovated mouth.

over the past three weeks i have been getting my wisdom teeth removed...two the first week, two the following week, and removal of sutures on the third. the extractions were performed over a series of weeks because they were done by dental students at the university of washington. it's true. i had my wisdom teeth taken out by students. it's a decision that seems suspect at best, but it wasn't a decision i made lightly and in the end it was a really amazing experience.

the real kicker of this whole escapade is that i didn't necessarily need to get the wisdom teeth taken out in the first place. they were fully present like their second molar cousins, they weren't impacted, there was no infection, just a little decay. recently, however, my brother jason had a wisdom tooth of his removed that caused problems for the adjacent molar. and after his extraction he boldly claimed that wisdom teeth were the mouth's sleeper cells...and eventually they would wreak havoc on the rest of the mouth.

this rang true for me. i could see where he was coming from...especially from my vantage point of being an uninsured individual. and as an uninsured individual i like to be pro-actively preventive. i came to the conclusion that eventually my wisdom teeth would most likely cause me trouble in the future. in the long run it would be better to take care of myself now instead of something more complicated (secret fears of root canals) later on. and when i really thought about it i couldn't really see what my 'thirds' (as they call them in the dental world) were doing for me. they seemed like lazy, layabout teeth, not necessarily improving my food chewing. so out, out damn' tooths.

long story short, i ended up at the dental school after much research and many calls to other clinics and dental offices, folks on the other end of the phone asking me if i understood that i would have to pay for services if i was uninsured, me reassuring that i did, rolling my eyes. anyhow, the student dentists were the best...and that's the thing...i had two different teams of two over the first two weeks and then a fifth student removing the sutures...and there is nothing i like more than variety. i liked experiencing the different mannerisms, comparing and contrasting, creating rating systems...

the first duo consisted of dr. bling and shaky mc gee. unfortunately, mc gee was the extractor that day and lacked the oomph it takes to yank teeth from bone. but dr. bling was very conscientious and attentive to my suction and checking in on me needs. the second team was collectively called 'team handsome'. not necessarily my type of handsome, but there was something ken-doll seeming about them. anyhow, handsome one and handsome two were a tight team. handsome two supported my jaw as he was working on extracting the lower tooth, pulling way ahead in points and stars ahead of shakey mc gee who didn't have this technique in his bag of tricks.

did i tell you that i wasn't put under? that's how i know all of this. i have a long history of surgeries so me and anesthesia parted ways a long time ago...i opted out of it. it was just me and novocaine. anyhow, it was great being awake...i learned a lot, i got to see my teeth...but not keep them, it was like i was giving them up for adoption; they were out and whisked away out of my reach, never to be seen again...and being awake made me feel like a part of the team...maybe the most important part...cooperation.

so dental students rule in my book.

Friday, July 13, 2007

...the fourth...

where i was on the know, for photo's sake...

...secondary studio...

reason number one why i and maybe you can't work in the kitchen: sudden urges to make sushi for dinner and bake cookies afterwards.

both are somewhat time consuming and definitely constructively engaging activities. and if you are me, and i am, you make an unthinkable mess.

this all came about yesterday when seattle cranked it up to the mid to low nineties. when it starts hitting the mid eighties around here folks get upset so you can imagine what the nineties might do to them. the news reports were all ablaze with heatwave headlines. reported the temperature at 92 degrees but that it 'felt like' 90 degrees.

i'm no sissy. i come from the land of heatwaves. they're 95 degrees +, with humidity and they last for a series of days and sometimes weeks...thusly a wave...not a one day slap on the hand. but my house is a tiny box of hot and my studio is no exception. i can't think when i am hot, i mostly want to lie down (which is secretly lesson number working in the bedroom). but as i have things to get to and be working on so this wasn't an option.

here i am...sushi-fied, eating cookies and continually schooling myself on the folly of my ways.

(lesson number three: no coffee before an acupuncture appointment, and by coffee i mean a sizeable americano. just don't do it)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

...dreams really do come true...

so, thing is, is that i have had grey hair growing in since the eighth grade. nothing much...just a strand or two.

over the years the grey troops have grown in number. i like them just fine. it's a nice surprise to spy a new smattering when i catch a glimpse in the mirror. they have their own sort of pull because they're not really grey, they're they catch light in interesting ways...especially the cranky shaped ones.

a few days ago i noticed that up in my bangs a stripe was convening...which is something i have secretly wanted for a long time...a slick stripe in my bangs. it's covered by the top layer of bangs and it's sort of hard to see in the photo b/c of my shiny shiny hair...but it's there. now i just have to concentrate and have the column of grey grow forward. i think i can do it.

...where you been...

so, the seattle move is finished in so far as all of my stuff has arrived, unharmed, uncrushed. and that goes for the pysanky eggs i made over a vermont of the earlier photos of this here blog. sure, they're a little stinky, but intact. intact and stinky.

so yes, everything is here and now everything needs its place.

i haven't written anything in awhile b/c i have been running around getting necessities for the house and then working on projects. i had a post i was working on, about the virtues of proper interior painting techniques...and i might finish it, but really, there were a lot of paint fumes affecting my judgement that day.

but since all of my junk is here, including the cable that connects my camera to my laptop, i figure a photo post is what's called for. why not?

poppies on my walk...

towers on a sunny day...

towers on a stormy day...

towers at sunset...

underside of towers...just because...

my stuff's arrived...temporary crap out place for me and the sneak...

the sneak in the kitchen garden window...

Monday, June 4, 2007

going, going, gone...

photo 1: space needle pinata, whole with ringgold st. pizza oven
cemetarily-esquely looming in the back ground.
photo 2: space needle pinata in mid-melee
both photos nabbed from shea's flickr account...thanks shea...and both photos for my going away party for my move to seattle...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

the amount of times i mix this up=preposterous

whether...a sort of either/or all crammed up into one word, implying uncertainty between two choices

wether...a castrated ram

i just wrestled with those there homophones.

i generally pride myself on spelling while enjoying bad spelling by much so that my friend joe and i had a thing going on where we would send emails back and forth to one another so terribly misspelled that they were nearly impossible to read. and the trick of the situation is that when i would write entire emails out in the worst possible spelling imaginable i had to work over time, retraining my brain to make mistakes and make assumptions on how a word would look based on the sound. during those months i undid years and years of basic elementary school lessons. it was bad. it was dark. it still springs up on me now and again.

Friday, May 11, 2007 three...

today can be summed up with this: brother jason jumping in on the scene, literally...he engaged the nieces in some serious taekwondo/wrestling action that ended in momentary tears, breakfast for dinner (apple/chocolate chip pancakes), ice cream at 'it's NUTS!', and one of those modern day computer animated movies that didn't seem to satisfy anyone.

Thursday, May 10, 2007 two...

today can be summed up with this: kids these days eat a lot of food coloring...super saturated, knock out your eyeballs, kick your liver into high gear food dyes.

there's something going on in the marketing of food to children that seems to say that the more removed from nature and natural ways of eating food the better. take personal enemy number one: gogurt. yogurt in a tube. or better yet, yogurt in a glorified, elongated, mini trash bag.

niece number two...two in terms of being born second, not some sort of cruel aunt hierarchy...ate a gogurt this morning. and 'ate' is an insufficient verb when it comes to the consumption of gogurt...and anyone who has seen a kid slurping down a tube knows what i mean.

anyhow, today's gogurt was brought to us by? sponsored by? shrek. it was some sort of swampy marsh flavor and it was some sort of swampy marsh color. murky. whitish. greenish. opaque. and there was no escaping it...every time she opened up her gogurt hole to chatter away her time before making her way to the bus there it was. completely gnarly. not something aunt jen can handle at eight am without any coffee in her.

something else to know about me: i'm a food label nerd. i like knowing what i am eating...good or bad. i get psyched about yogurt b/c it has on average 10g of protein per serving. i started to get half psyched about gogurt til i nerded it up on it's food label...2g of protein. 2g...what'd shrek do with the other 8?

Wednesday, May 9, 2007 one...

today is day one of five of jen corace: pseudo parent. i'm sitting my nieces while my sister meets up with her husband in las vegas.

something to know about me: i don't spend much time with kids, let alone in a multiple day, contained setting. while i am lucky to be an aunt to two of the coolest kids ever i have an idea that by the time monday rolls around i will feel a particular level of 'spent' that my body has never known before.

at the moment i have set up a temporary internet cafe/winery of sorts in my sister's living room. i'm not too sure what i mean by that beyond making a snack, having a drink by my side, computer on my lap and 'the scarlet letter' on the all too huge tv plodding away in front of me.

wha? what! you say...'the scarlet letter?' demi moore's 'the scarlet letter?'. yes, that very scarlet letter.

i can't even begin to describe the strangeness that is unfolding before me. such an oddly star studded cast...such a paltry interpretation of the story. sort of, how do you say, much like a soap opera. oh gary oldman dimmesdale, it's going to be okay. i mean, not really, that's a total lie, but shuuush shuuush.

the funny thing is is that two years ago a portland trip of mine fell in the middle of a nathaniel hawthorne marathon. and as it goes when i am on one of these reading rampages...cue 'reading rainbow''s all i can talk about. nathaniel hawthorne this, nathaniel hawthorne that. i talked it up so much that it seemed like a good idea to track down the movie and give it a go. i had no misconceptions about it being a good film. i was hoping to be surprised by how horrible it might be (and now here, in the future i can attest that it is indeed terrible...a fantastic terrible).

the only misconception i did have was that it was going to be an easy task to accomplish. how foolish. how naive. it wasn't that the video store didn't have 'the scarlet letter', it's not that they didn't have it on vhs...the format i was looking was that SOMEONE ELSE HAD ALREADY TAKEN IT OUT THAT NIGHT!! ten years well past its prime...if this movie even ever had a prime...some portlander beat me to the chase. now that's a 'wha? what!

highlight of the day:
at my niece's softball game a group of boys under the bleachers were making 'boobies out of dirt.' i know this because they said it over and over again. not so much as an announcement but rather some sort of pre pubescent chant. they one upped the awesomeness of this event when caught by a parent and covering their deeds claimed that they were making hot dogs out of rocks. an interesting jump.

Friday, May 4, 2007

high five

in case you are wondering how i do what i do...part of the recipe is that i have THE BIGGEST HANDS IN THE WORLD! seriously, i have huge hands. they're good for holding down paper, good and steady. thanks to if'n books deb...courtesy of her flickr account.