Friday, November 30, 2007


one of the things i did on my trip back home was to sort out the remaining details of my bike.

i don't drive. i walk or bus most places and get rides from friends to fill in the gaps. but now it's time to bike.

in providence i was hesitant to bike...on the one hand, i have no peripheral vision and my decision-making timing is tuned to walking, which is slow...on the other hand providence is crazy-go-nuts with narrow streets and bonker drivers. it was in providence that i learned to look both ways crossing a one way street.

i have a better feeling about seattle.

and so i am having a bike built by my friend emily...and i am so excited. i felt like so many people invest in their cars, i could invest a bit in a bike that i would want to use all the time.

this bike is already knocking my socks off.

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mushroommeadows said...

Your friend is building you a bike? That so amazing! :D