Wednesday, February 18, 2009

...i'm there...

i've done it, i'm there, i've hit the wall...or i am starting to. i just realized as i started this post that the photo i put up in november, me with the headphones, is the same me as sits here today. headphones on, at my desk...four straight months (six really...i just didn't have the headphones in september or october) of sitting, thinking, staring, sketching, painting, listening to music all the time, getting irritated at music, getting new music, not listening to it because i'm not good at committing to new music, listening to audiobooks all the time, getting fussy about audio books, "watching" interweb tv all the time, becoming an interweb tv zombie, getting bored with all of my procrastination tricks. i'm starting to feel a little bleary-eyed.

and don't ask about my studio...because it is a hell hole.
actually, you don't even have to ask...i took a photo. see leonard on the floor...he's not sleeping, he's expressing shame.

but it's good. it's all good. it's character building. and come march...i'm taking some time off, doing a lot of good nothing, writing ridiculous posts and officially setting up my studio.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

...don't call it a comeback...

i've been out of the loop. m.i.a. a no show. it's true. i'm busted.

the fact of the matter is is that i have been working my ass off, all the time, around the clock, a slave to my desk. it's hard to prove this as none of my proof will peep its head out of the ground...not for a while at least. all of this is more vague than 20 groundhogs at different points in the country trying to predict the length of winter.

what i can tell you about is my solo show coming up at the end of the month. it's titled "clementine" and it opens on february 28th at art star in philly. i will be there, in attendance, as will be several members of my family and friends. they're all good people. really.

things to look out for:
1. any screening of handmade nation
2. i will never forget you (a group show i am a part of in seattle)
3. more books from me