Thursday, December 6, 2007

it was one year ago today that i adopted the sneak.

well, technically, my friend emily adopted her for me as i did not have a rhode island i.d..

but all that aside, i realized that today was the day while organizing paperwork....i mean i knew we crossed paths in december, but the number of the day was a whole other issue...

the thing is, is that when i went in to the rescue leauge i had had an entirely different cat in mind. her name was patches and i liked her for her sturdy shoulders and that her nose was this sort of flesh toned color on her marbled face...she reminded me of the fella from the digital underground.

long story short, she was not available that day. a little bummed, a little concerned i was called by emily from a row back with a "come look at this one..."

or something like that.

"come look at this one" indeed. the image that came to mind was a cow polar bear. she was one of the only cats that occupied a large cage by herself. she was huge and stretching. done.

according to the ladies behind the desk the sneak, or "sneaky" as noted by her card on her cage, had been there the months. they were happy as all get out that someone was going to take her home. not like relieved that the sneak was taken off their hands, but rather happy that she might have a home.

according to her papers she had been a returned rescue because she bit, clawed at rugs, and didn't get along with the previous owners' year old kitten. they checked off a box that said she was a 'loner'. they had had her for five days.

and i try not to be a person who judges, but it makes me mad every time i see those two words...five days. nothing, no one adjusts fully to anything in five days.

a year later we have the biting under control, her weight under relative control (her initial vet visit determined that she was a 10 lb. cat living in a 13 lb. body. in short, she was 30% overweight) and i can't keep her out of my lap.

happy anniversary.


emily said...

yeah vanessa!!!

sara t said...

happy anniversary, ladies!