Sunday, December 16, 2007

...scavenger hunt...

it just occurred to me today to go snooping over at the giant robot transmissions page. the photos are up from the opening i had in november. there are a lot of photos to go through. so much so that it only seems appropriate to have a scavenger hunt.

find these:

1. four beardos
2. deb dormody with her coat on
3. deb dormody without her coat on
(if you don't know what deb dormody looks like, well, research is half the fun of scavenging)
4. my dad
5. tamson weston, my editor for an upcoming children's book
6. donna bray, my editor from a children's book i just finished up
7. the two dudes who came to the opening to hit on all the ladies
8. girls named sara, or sarah
9. the photo of me and my brother that is not as half as cute as the one that deb took
10. the dude who's reading books and not looking at art or rubbing elbows
11. 20 people in glasses
12. photographic red eye
13. paddy, one of jason's roomates (hint: she's canadian)
14. people looking like they are explaining things
15. cheryl, the manager at the gallery (hint: she's the nicest)

1 comment:

Debora said...

The only thing I learned from that scavenger hunt is 'holy crap I'm short'.