Friday, December 7, 2007


deb dormody
took this photo of jason and me near the end of my opening at grny. it is the best.

after looking at it a bit i noticed two things.

1. jason and i are coincidentally imitating the image behind my head.
2. jason somehow looks like a young mr. roarke...which led to this chain of images on deb's flickr page:

the visual aid of mr. roarke:

and the photoshopped recreation of the photo, only on the island and not in the gallery, because after all...who doesn't want to go to fantasy island:


Tracy said...

Great picture of you and Jason!!!

e.soule said...

You're hilarious. Congratulations on the opening. I love seeing your new work floating around blogland.

amy ross said...

That spliced photo of you on Fantasy Island is pure genius.