Friday, October 19, 2007


julia rothman operates a blog called 'book by its cover'. generally, it is a site that features smaller run, art-type books that are either part of her collection or a peek into another person's collection. it's a great way to set your peepers on books you might not come across easily and i really like the pared down nature of the site's design. all of the bells and whistles of interweb programmery take a hike and it's just you and the books.

julia has started a new series for sketchbooks. she's asked a group of artists, including me, to submit photos from their books to be posted for everyone else to get a peek. i'm excited to be a part of this series and, being one who enjoys seeing either the process of a person's work or their work's alter ego, i am excited to see the rest of it.

so, if you've ever caught yourself sitting around a train station, maybe picking somebody up or dropping them off or just loitering in general and totally picking kale out of your teeth and were unexpectedly struck with a need to see inside my sketchbooks...well, now's the time. jump on that wi-fi, warm up the iphone, crank up the blackberry and go here.

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