Wednesday, November 28, 2007 mistakes...

right now i am sitting in logan airport, waiting for my flight back to seattle. i have three hours. three hours. it's enough time to get into a decent amount of trouble...drinking games at the wolfgang puck lounge, playing dead, illegal dice games in the ladies' room...instead i am occupying my time with a flashback post.

so, i have just finished up maybe three months of work. i am on a work-free island of time for a few weeks before i jump back in. in the three months of putting every body part to the grindstone i ran into very few was smooth sailing really. and the thing about working continually from project to project, making 60 or 70 odd pieces of work you have to assume that at some point things are going to mess up. but it wasn't happening, until....

i was maybe half way through finishing work for 'told you so' at was late late late and i was just going to finish up the night inking in a few more pieces...and halfway twice through one piece and once through another piece my croquill pen blooped ink right in the middle of the ways that could not be accounted for or covered up by adding leaves or other foliage.

the first time i was all "oh that's okay jen corace, it was bound to happen sometime, let's start over'

the second time "hm. really."

the third time was a short burst of explitives directed at myself, and in the interest and love of symbols for curse words it went something like this: "mother!@#!%&! @#!! you jen corace!!"

i surprised myself.
everything was all better the next day.

anyhow, i made the third misstep into my new motivational poster that hangs above me as i work. over at the ol' flickr account are better images of the other two blobs that happened and what the blob on the third piece is definitely a french fur trapper who is certainly flipping off the girl in the foreground.

also, i know that at some point in my life i learned that there was a word for using symbols to replace curse words. i've looked it up on the interweb and it gave me "maledicta"...which sounds fine but doesn't seem to hit the memory spot. anyone else know?

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