Sunday, June 28, 2009

...pvd to nyc...

a thing to know about me is that i love clouds. it's a serious problem...even more so now that i live on the east coast where clouds do not reach the epic, constant and ever-changing menagerie of the clouds in the pacific northwest. flying back into providence in september, looking out the window of the plane i sourly thought to myself...'look at them. they look like mashed potatoes squatting on plexiglas. harumph.'

this past friday i traveled down to brooklyn for my brother's going away party. it was the shortest, longest trip i have taken in awhile. you know...the kind where in less than 36 hours you descend upon a city, cram a late night and a full day of activity down your socialization hole, and swoop back out with a dazed and slimy feeling. it was a great time.

the east coast, weather-wise, has been bombarded with weeks-on-end, flat grey skies and rain. it's making a lot of people around here cranky. not so much me, i like grey weather, but i keep my mouth shut.

anyhow, on the bus ride down i got to experience this panorama of weather that formed and broke up as i traveled south. the biggest bonus: mammatus clouds (second photo from the bottom). i have a barometric crush on them, but have never seen them in person. they occur when the worst of a thunderstorm has passed. i quietly freaked out on the bus.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


songs stuck in my head today in order of appearance:

1. 'bret you've got it going on'...flight of the conchords; more specifically the line "that's the conclusion that i've come to, but that doesn't mean that i wanna bum you." over and over again. if you don't know what i

2. 'maybe'...from annie; more specifically from "betcha he reads, betcha she sews" to " don't really care as long as they're mine." over and over in my head on a bike, how grossly twee is that? here.

3. 'nikita' elton john...which is unexplainable. but later on turned into 'la lupita' as that is where me and folks had dinner tonight. here.

currently and all day i have been transferring files from an old laptop to a new laptop...which is a long and non-elegant process.

i have never watched the 'nikita' video before...what is elton john bowling in?

Friday, June 12, 2009

...sneak peeks of future tuesdays...

all i am going to say, is that come next tuesday you're gonna want to be here, 7 ish, eastern standard time.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

...i tried to learn the drums, i tried to learn guitar, but it was my brother who tried to teach me, so i didn't get very far...

friends of mine and friends of friends of mine are organizing girls rock ri...a rock camp for girls and women in the state of rhode island. hrm...imagine that i wrote a more stunning an non repetitive/overly self explanator second half of the first sentence.

anyhow, girls rock ri (grr) is being created as part of an already existing and growing network of similar camps across the country. in a nutshell, over usually a week-long period girls and women are instructed by women how to play an instrument, the members of the camp break into bands and at the end of their time at camp they perform a gig. it's an amazing experience where chicks get to come together, focus on being awesome as chicks, get some learn on, meet some new faces in a a women-run, supportive environment.

are you excited? i'm excited. i'm excited about two things:

one: deb, shea and i have been tossing around the idea of a three drummered band. none of us has any for sure drumming experience...but judging by our air-drum styles it promises to be a very eclectic experience.

two: new artwork (peek above and below) for the grr fundraiser this saturday at machines with magnets in pawtucket. so, if you are in new england/rhode island/pawtucket (aka the bucket) this weekend and you're hankering for some art and music, machines with magnets will be the place to be.

random bits i'm excited about, in no particular order:
bike rides, especially in groups
providence pretending to be seattle
well made brunches