Friday, October 26, 2007

...flick this...

sometimes i like to troll around on flickr...just plugging in 'corace' and seeing what happens. above is one of my favorite accidental photos of an image of my brother, jason. accidental b/c the first time i did a 'corace' search i was happily surprised to find this. he's my best friend...and in this photo he just looks so damned hospitable.

this is my second favorite accident...they're coraces. no coraces i know, but there they are. corace isn't a uber popular to find others, especially photographically, is inspiring in an alternate universe sort of way.

Friday, October 19, 2007


julia rothman operates a blog called 'book by its cover'. generally, it is a site that features smaller run, art-type books that are either part of her collection or a peek into another person's collection. it's a great way to set your peepers on books you might not come across easily and i really like the pared down nature of the site's design. all of the bells and whistles of interweb programmery take a hike and it's just you and the books.

julia has started a new series for sketchbooks. she's asked a group of artists, including me, to submit photos from their books to be posted for everyone else to get a peek. i'm excited to be a part of this series and, being one who enjoys seeing either the process of a person's work or their work's alter ego, i am excited to see the rest of it.

so, if you've ever caught yourself sitting around a train station, maybe picking somebody up or dropping them off or just loitering in general and totally picking kale out of your teeth and were unexpectedly struck with a need to see inside my sketchbooks...well, now's the time. jump on that wi-fi, warm up the iphone, crank up the blackberry and go here.

Friday, October 12, 2007


this is the piece i did for the kokeshi show coming up in november at subtext gallery. i have more photos up at my flickr page.

artists involved in the show:

Aaron Meshon, Alberto Cerriteno, Alex Noriega, Aline Yamada, Alison O’Donoghue, Ana Bagayan, Ana Juan, Ana Reinert, Annie Wilkinson, Audrey Kawasaki, Axel Honey, Bailey Saliwanchik, Blair Thornley, Brandi Milne, Calef Brown, Cameron Tiede, Camilla Engman, Catalina Estrada, Catherine Campbell, Celene, Christina Conway, CJ Metzer, Colorblok, Dan James, Dane Flighty, Fawn Fruits, Daniel M. Davis, Dennis Hayes IV, Edwin Ushiro, Emil Kozak, Evan B. Harris, Fiona Hewitt, Fiona Lee, Florence Pacho, Gina Triplett & Matt Curtius, Hicalorie, J Neth, Jasmine Worth, Jen Corace, Jeremiah Ketner, Joel Nakamura, Johnny Yanok, Joshua Krause, Joy Ang, Julie Morstad, Julie West, June Kim, Kate Wilson, Kelly Vivanco, Ken Garduno, Koralie, Leendert Masselink, Long Lé, Lorena Alvarez, Lori Joy Smith, Luke Feldman, Marcos Chin, Marjorie Ann Velez, Mary O'Malley, Matias Vigliano, Matte Stephens, Michelle White, Ming, Miss Led, Miss Mindy, Pamela Jaeger, Richard Wilkinson, Sayaka, Scott Saw, Shayna Yates, Stephan Britt, Stephane Tartelin, Susie Ghahremani, Tessar Lo, Tiffany Liu, Victoria Maderna, Yellena

...sneak peek...

i stole this image from debbie deb's flickr page, and i am pretty excited about this. i don't know why i never thought of it before, but this is the first time i've worked with if'n books with just a plain old drawing. usually i am busying myself with creating a drawing, scanning it in and creating a vector drawing on top of it...and not with a stylus pen, no, with a mouse and these days not even a mouse...just my laptop's track pad. all of this is silliness. (not that i don't like making vector drawings...i do. it feeds into some sort of obsessive fine tuning and noodling aspect of my brain. i like the problem solving aspect of it. psst....vector, i love you).

anyhow, this image/product will be available next tuesday, here. that is what deb tells me. she also tells me that this is bosses day. now i am all up for hootin' and hollerin' for deb who is the boss lady around if'n books...but i can't deny that there is a side of me that wants to be booin' and hissin' it up for any of the bosses out there that give bossin' a bad name. and they are a dime a dozen, everybody has had them.

i should also add that originally we intended to release this item in september, under my own sort of vauge, dateless holiday of 'september morn.' but schedules on both sides got busy and it got all pushed back to october. and in a loopy email i wrote to deb, this is how i pacified myself:

so, no bleed on the smacker. that was my original intent as i wanted to be good to alec this time know, after all these years. and yes, i would like to claim 'october morn' as the release date...the halloweeny/octoberfest version of neil diamond. maybe it should be like 'october moan' a neil diamond ghost w/ a hangover.

and that is an idea that is either genius or makes no sense like everything else i put into type these days.

september was a crazy, awesome, nonsensical month...

Monday, October 8, 2007


everyone deserves a skeletal system...