Friday, October 12, 2007

...sneak peek...

i stole this image from debbie deb's flickr page, and i am pretty excited about this. i don't know why i never thought of it before, but this is the first time i've worked with if'n books with just a plain old drawing. usually i am busying myself with creating a drawing, scanning it in and creating a vector drawing on top of it...and not with a stylus pen, no, with a mouse and these days not even a mouse...just my laptop's track pad. all of this is silliness. (not that i don't like making vector drawings...i do. it feeds into some sort of obsessive fine tuning and noodling aspect of my brain. i like the problem solving aspect of it. psst....vector, i love you).

anyhow, this image/product will be available next tuesday, here. that is what deb tells me. she also tells me that this is bosses day. now i am all up for hootin' and hollerin' for deb who is the boss lady around if'n books...but i can't deny that there is a side of me that wants to be booin' and hissin' it up for any of the bosses out there that give bossin' a bad name. and they are a dime a dozen, everybody has had them.

i should also add that originally we intended to release this item in september, under my own sort of vauge, dateless holiday of 'september morn.' but schedules on both sides got busy and it got all pushed back to october. and in a loopy email i wrote to deb, this is how i pacified myself:

so, no bleed on the smacker. that was my original intent as i wanted to be good to alec this time know, after all these years. and yes, i would like to claim 'october morn' as the release date...the halloweeny/octoberfest version of neil diamond. maybe it should be like 'october moan' a neil diamond ghost w/ a hangover.

and that is an idea that is either genius or makes no sense like everything else i put into type these days.

september was a crazy, awesome, nonsensical month...

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