Thursday, December 27, 2007

...snoopy pt. 2...

over at apartment therapy anh-minh did a piece on my living space for their 'house call' section. if you want to take a gander at what i'm livin' in go here...

also, york did a piece on me here...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

...happy this time of year to everyone...

above is a piece i did for a friend of mine of her recently born daughter and recently deceased greyhound. by 'recently' i mean in this past year-ish...give or take some time. just a pinch.

it could just be that i am out of sorts with my hare-brained sleep schedule that i am about to say such things...but this time thing is a crazy, abstract experience. last year i broke out of the conventional year and celebrated my new year on nov. 2nd. but popping back into the jan-dec calendar and looking back over 2007 all i have to say is that everything couldn't be more different and trying and amazing than i had expected from when it started. i am always impressed by this. a person can cram a lot into a year.

best wishes and hopes to a lot more cramming for everyone.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

...scavenger hunt...

it just occurred to me today to go snooping over at the giant robot transmissions page. the photos are up from the opening i had in november. there are a lot of photos to go through. so much so that it only seems appropriate to have a scavenger hunt.

find these:

1. four beardos
2. deb dormody with her coat on
3. deb dormody without her coat on
(if you don't know what deb dormody looks like, well, research is half the fun of scavenging)
4. my dad
5. tamson weston, my editor for an upcoming children's book
6. donna bray, my editor from a children's book i just finished up
7. the two dudes who came to the opening to hit on all the ladies
8. girls named sara, or sarah
9. the photo of me and my brother that is not as half as cute as the one that deb took
10. the dude who's reading books and not looking at art or rubbing elbows
11. 20 people in glasses
12. photographic red eye
13. paddy, one of jason's roomates (hint: she's canadian)
14. people looking like they are explaining things
15. cheryl, the manager at the gallery (hint: she's the nicest)

Saturday, December 15, 2007 the point...

i was snooping around my brother's site and found the above entry. i should consider booking him as my full time pr man...

Friday, December 7, 2007


deb dormody
took this photo of jason and me near the end of my opening at grny. it is the best.

after looking at it a bit i noticed two things.

1. jason and i are coincidentally imitating the image behind my head.
2. jason somehow looks like a young mr. roarke...which led to this chain of images on deb's flickr page:

the visual aid of mr. roarke:

and the photoshopped recreation of the photo, only on the island and not in the gallery, because after all...who doesn't want to go to fantasy island:

Thursday, December 6, 2007

it was one year ago today that i adopted the sneak.

well, technically, my friend emily adopted her for me as i did not have a rhode island i.d..

but all that aside, i realized that today was the day while organizing paperwork....i mean i knew we crossed paths in december, but the number of the day was a whole other issue...

the thing is, is that when i went in to the rescue leauge i had had an entirely different cat in mind. her name was patches and i liked her for her sturdy shoulders and that her nose was this sort of flesh toned color on her marbled face...she reminded me of the fella from the digital underground.

long story short, she was not available that day. a little bummed, a little concerned i was called by emily from a row back with a "come look at this one..."

or something like that.

"come look at this one" indeed. the image that came to mind was a cow polar bear. she was one of the only cats that occupied a large cage by herself. she was huge and stretching. done.

according to the ladies behind the desk the sneak, or "sneaky" as noted by her card on her cage, had been there the months. they were happy as all get out that someone was going to take her home. not like relieved that the sneak was taken off their hands, but rather happy that she might have a home.

according to her papers she had been a returned rescue because she bit, clawed at rugs, and didn't get along with the previous owners' year old kitten. they checked off a box that said she was a 'loner'. they had had her for five days.

and i try not to be a person who judges, but it makes me mad every time i see those two words...five days. nothing, no one adjusts fully to anything in five days.

a year later we have the biting under control, her weight under relative control (her initial vet visit determined that she was a 10 lb. cat living in a 13 lb. body. in short, she was 30% overweight) and i can't keep her out of my lap.

happy anniversary.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

...dear seattle,...

you're one good lookin' city...but so much more so in snow...

the sneak thinking she wanted to be outside, but turns out not so much:

the sneak safe inside, but confused: