Friday, July 13, 2007

...the fourth...

where i was on the know, for photo's sake...

...secondary studio...

reason number one why i and maybe you can't work in the kitchen: sudden urges to make sushi for dinner and bake cookies afterwards.

both are somewhat time consuming and definitely constructively engaging activities. and if you are me, and i am, you make an unthinkable mess.

this all came about yesterday when seattle cranked it up to the mid to low nineties. when it starts hitting the mid eighties around here folks get upset so you can imagine what the nineties might do to them. the news reports were all ablaze with heatwave headlines. reported the temperature at 92 degrees but that it 'felt like' 90 degrees.

i'm no sissy. i come from the land of heatwaves. they're 95 degrees +, with humidity and they last for a series of days and sometimes weeks...thusly a wave...not a one day slap on the hand. but my house is a tiny box of hot and my studio is no exception. i can't think when i am hot, i mostly want to lie down (which is secretly lesson number working in the bedroom). but as i have things to get to and be working on so this wasn't an option.

here i am...sushi-fied, eating cookies and continually schooling myself on the folly of my ways.

(lesson number three: no coffee before an acupuncture appointment, and by coffee i mean a sizeable americano. just don't do it)