Thursday, May 10, 2007 two...

today can be summed up with this: kids these days eat a lot of food coloring...super saturated, knock out your eyeballs, kick your liver into high gear food dyes.

there's something going on in the marketing of food to children that seems to say that the more removed from nature and natural ways of eating food the better. take personal enemy number one: gogurt. yogurt in a tube. or better yet, yogurt in a glorified, elongated, mini trash bag.

niece number two...two in terms of being born second, not some sort of cruel aunt hierarchy...ate a gogurt this morning. and 'ate' is an insufficient verb when it comes to the consumption of gogurt...and anyone who has seen a kid slurping down a tube knows what i mean.

anyhow, today's gogurt was brought to us by? sponsored by? shrek. it was some sort of swampy marsh flavor and it was some sort of swampy marsh color. murky. whitish. greenish. opaque. and there was no escaping it...every time she opened up her gogurt hole to chatter away her time before making her way to the bus there it was. completely gnarly. not something aunt jen can handle at eight am without any coffee in her.

something else to know about me: i'm a food label nerd. i like knowing what i am eating...good or bad. i get psyched about yogurt b/c it has on average 10g of protein per serving. i started to get half psyched about gogurt til i nerded it up on it's food label...2g of protein. 2g...what'd shrek do with the other 8?

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