Tuesday, June 19, 2007

...dreams really do come true...

so, thing is, is that i have had grey hair growing in since the eighth grade. nothing much...just a strand or two.

over the years the grey troops have grown in number. i like them just fine. it's a nice surprise to spy a new smattering when i catch a glimpse in the mirror. they have their own sort of pull because they're not really grey, they're silver...so they catch light in interesting ways...especially the cranky shaped ones.

a few days ago i noticed that up in my bangs a stripe was convening...which is something i have secretly wanted for a long time...a slick stripe in my bangs. it's covered by the top layer of bangs and it's sort of hard to see in the photo b/c of my shiny shiny hair...but it's there. now i just have to concentrate and have the column of grey grow forward. i think i can do it.

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risa said...

you are hilarious! but i must admit i too get excited every time i spot a new grey (although i only have a few so far)and mine are actually white. and i wonder...is it possible that i will one day have a head of snowhite hair???