Monday, November 17, 2008

...daylong downtime...

i'm going to say it...nothing beats a good set of headphones.

i work late at night into the late-late night that some might call the early morning. and because i currently* cohabitate in a multi-leveled, multi-cohabitated building that gets chilly, especially at night, headphones are a necessary item. one reason is for the sake of others who don't want to listen to any of the various media i have going on cranked at 3 a.m. the second reason is that the sound of the space heater poses enough of a challenge for my already challenged sense of hearing.

until today i have only ever used earbuds. either they came with whatever i purchased or they were a quick and cheap replacement for whatever i had just broken. the problem is...everyone knows that after a handful of hours with earbuds the cartilage starts to ache. the bigger problem than that is that i work a lot more than just a handful of hours. i am also i will put up with a good deal of discomfort.

they're no buds of mine. or i should say...they were the buds whose bad behavior i tolerated simply because i would swear in the middle of the night to replace them w/ a decent set of headphones but then balk at the price of fancy pants headphones in the cold, harsh light of day.

but not today. i shut up and put up and i couldn't be happier, right now. in fact, i was so excited about my new headphones that i couldn't think of anything to listen to...i was too overwhelmed by all of the possibilities...of what should come streaming through my new best friends first. i wanted it all to be epic.

i did, infact, sit at my desk with headphones on, hooked into the computer, no music on, smiling. i was just happy with how they kept my ears warm. they're very comforting...unlike those ye olde jerks.


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(*unlike my year and a half in seattle in my working hermitude, 600 sq. ft. house to myself, not so many neighbors, much music and movies late into the night that some might call the early morning.)


sara T said...

jen- i want to be a mutant pea owl, too! maybe you should write and illustrate a book about that...

kirsten said...

that is an awesome picture of your face. and, i'm so glad you are posting again.

i am kellY.. said...

when i wear the buds one always falls out, my head just wasn't made for them.

what kind of headphones did you go for? there is a pretty green set i've been eyeball'n... but $55?

(hi i'm kelly by-the-way)