Thursday, November 13, 2008

...i should be painting the middle room...

but i have to say/remark/point out/give out high fives/ and be thankful that places like whimsy & spice exist and that the interweb and all its glory can make it all happen for me. what the hell am i talking about? handmade marshmallows, people. that is what i am talking about.

that and hazelnut chocolate whiskey sandwiches...because if there is anything to know about me it's that i like to put whiskey in just about everything i can. chili...sweet potato homefries...kale...but in a cookie sandwich...that had never occurred to me.

as a follow up to what my brother has been up to in the previous post...more shenanigans.


Stacey said...

Saw a blurb about Little Pea in this month's Wondertime--congrats!

pen and paper said...

Agreed on the headphones. I just got a monstrously large pair of noise-canceling cushioned headphones and they make it easy to keep working late into the night.

I just read your Q&A on My Love For You Is Like a Stampede of Horses and found it very interesting reading. Congrats on the show!