Wednesday, November 12, 2008

...our finest hour...


"our finest hour" opens up this saturday at grsf. the show features 54 small portraits of small women in large finery. unfortunately, i won't be out for the opening reception...but if you can make it...make it between 6:30 to 10:00. Pieces will be up and available online sometime after opening night...i will give a heads up when it happens.


i can't come out to the opening reception of my own show due to all of the creative mayhem going on around here. more books, more craftland, more specifically informative info when it becomes available.

in the meantime....

read deb's take on providence, ri.
take a look at the image i worked on for craftland.
take a gander at my brother's obit project.
look at old people.
read stuff by old people.

i hope to have some rambling posts up sometime soon...that's the thing about this blog lately...too much posting about events, not enough rambling.


shoppingsmycardio said...

jen, the portraits for your new show are just lovely! would one contact the gallery directly to see all of the images & purchase, or is there a better way?

jen corace said...

generally, first dibs go to the folks attending the opening. then once the pieces are online they can be purchased through the giant robot shop.

shoppingsmycardio said... more reason i shouldn't have left san francisco for rainy portland :) thanks for letting me know...i'll keep my eye on the site!

and congratulations on another fabulous series - i saw the one you did for together gallery, and went back to visit it several times. really lovely work!

ZenCrafter said...

Love your work and was just reminded of how brilliant you are after reading a review of your "Little Pea" book in the recent issue of Wondertime magazine. Had to laugh at Daniel Pinkwater saying you were less famous than Amy Rosenthal's other illustrator--not to me!!

Your brother's obit project is some kind of genius-ity!