Wednesday, March 16, 2011


it's finally happened. i've been called out on never updating any of my anythings.

this sad sad blog hasn't been touched in over two years. two years! so much has happened in two years. so much! and what's sadder than this sad sad blog is my sadder than sad, bluer than blue portfolio site.

on the one hand, there is this culture where people are posting stuff all the time. every day. multiple times a day. all the time, every day, multiple times a day on several different platforms. and it's great. ok, maybe 10% is great. 2% is phenomenal. and the rest is just noise.

i feel like i fell into the noise.

and not necessarily the noise of putting everything out there all the time, but the trying to attempt being several places at once on the internet and in my own life. and as a person who more resembles an outgoing hermit when i get overwhelmed i shut down. i just stop.

it's that and i've been crazy busy. crazy busy then crazy lazy.

that being said...

i am here now.
i may stay here, at this current blog, but tumblr somehow feels better on the brain. if someone could explain why to me, that would be super. i was going to post more today, but my scanner shit the bed. so...until that gets resolved...

also, i'm a part of this.
i can't wait to see it. julia, matt and jenny did an amazing job on 'the exquisite book'. i can't wait to get my hands on this one.

and really, none of this really matters. what matters right now is what is unfolding in japan. i reeled from that for a few days. some good places to put your money:

there is this.
and this.
and this!

and if you are the type that is all 'i don't need something for my donation' or 'i have far too much stuff as it is' there's the good 'ol red cross.


sparkledonkey said...

Sorry you were called out, but yay for updates! I only wish I had known what you were up to before your print for 'The Exquisite Book' sold out.

-also Jen (the former coworker that emailed you ages ago that sucks at updates too)

jen corace said...

there's nothing to be sorry was more like a ...'ha ha..they are so right!'

i am working on other print ideas right now...fancier ones...i just have to get all my ducks together...then line them up.

one of the ducks is the printmaker. he is wiley and awesome but like me...busy and scattered.

copperdog said...

I know how it is to get sidetracked :) I actually stumbled upon your blog in my search for the elusive Luma dyes (watercolors) that I relied upon so much in college. However, I fear I will not see them again since my stash has long since been depleted. I'd love to hear if you ever found a suitable sub.

On another note, my best friend while growing up now lives in Beacon. Small world :)