Wednesday, June 24, 2009


songs stuck in my head today in order of appearance:

1. 'bret you've got it going on'...flight of the conchords; more specifically the line "that's the conclusion that i've come to, but that doesn't mean that i wanna bum you." over and over again. if you don't know what i

2. 'maybe'...from annie; more specifically from "betcha he reads, betcha she sews" to " don't really care as long as they're mine." over and over in my head on a bike, how grossly twee is that? here.

3. 'nikita' elton john...which is unexplainable. but later on turned into 'la lupita' as that is where me and folks had dinner tonight. here.

currently and all day i have been transferring files from an old laptop to a new laptop...which is a long and non-elegant process.

i have never watched the 'nikita' video before...what is elton john bowling in?

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Annie said...

cool about the clouds, that you got to see those rare ones. I was on flight recently and we had to fly around a huge cumulonimbus storm cloud that was hanging above the runway, it was very scary but now that its over im glad i got to see it. That flight of the conchords song is friggin hilarious- i had not heard of them before.