Tuesday, August 5, 2008


This here up above image is hard to read...so let me tell you what it says...it says that me and my brother plus a lot of other people are involved in a group show curated by Tiny Showcase. It opens up on September 6th at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn. What it also says, if you are good at reading between the lines, is that the Coraces are going to bring some serious whoop ass to the doorstep of Senor Thibodeau and Senorita Dormody. It's on!


Deb + Alec = Trouble said...

Be careful that your mouth don't write checks that your ass can't cash.

jen corace said...

lady, my ass has it's own swiss bank account...no worries here.

deb + alec = trouble said...

Oh not just its own zip code?

MacDraw can't save you this time!

Michelle W. said...

You crack me up... :)

jen corace said...

zip code jokes...so that is where we are at. i know you are pulling kidney punches b/c you are nervous. quaking in your clog slippers.

good luck with slow draw mcgee, aka grampaw molasses, the tortoise doesn't win the race everytime.

deb + alec = trouble said...


Oh wait. Ahem - how are your website updates coming along? Your brother's going to get to them right after your collaboration is done, right?

Coraces drool. Deb + Alec rule.

jen corace said...

coraces do in fact drool, in their sleep, and we sleep well knowing how much we are going to kick ass.

as for the website...well, shit happens...or doesn't for that matter.

Debora said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
deb + alec = trouble said...

Is your forehead hot? Are you feverish? I'm worried. "Kick ass"?? That's all you have? Did you write that while you were drooling in your sleep?

Please get yourself a coffee. Or a whiskey. Or a coffee whiskey. Come on here.

jen corace said...

listen here tiny dancer...if the best YOU can do is criticize the last thing i just said then i suggest going back to the training room and practice your footwork...cuz you're not so fancy yourself.

if i were you i'd put those little hands together and pray...because you're going to need all the help you can get. that is if god is still taking your calls.


deb + alec = trouble said...

(much better thank you)

Ms. Corace. I don't need to float like a butterfly to sting like a bbbbeeee.

P.S. god's got some serious booyah for you with regard to our project.


jen corace said...

ms. dormody...

seems like you won't be able to sting much of anything until you get that stutter under control.

fyi...if you look at the ancient hebrew texts you will discover that in so far as god is concerned 'booyah' translates into 'turd'. i didn't say it. god did. about your project.

(confidential to you i think that we should really start picking other fights on other artists' blogs b/c they wouldn't expect it and they would think we are rude. or drunk.)

Ray said...

Come on guys, can't you both just shake hands and agree that you'll BOTH TOTALLY FAIL?

Michelle W. said...

I am still loving this...

deb + deb + deb + deb = trouble said...

(Corace - let's get 'im!)

RAY. That's so funny! Speaking of failingness... Maybe you want to explain to the class why I'm even participating in this show?

jen corace said...

ooh dang ray fenwick...deb called you out. there's a story there that i don't even know.

what i was going to say is that when i read your comment i thought 'a canadian talking about failure? looks like the expert is in the house'

and i laughed ray fenwick. i laughed hard. and evilly at that.

listen, let me give you a piece of advice...kittens shouldn't play with badgers.

curator = referee said...


I leave for a few days and come home to this.

I just hope as much energy is going into MAKING these projects, troublemakers, as there is being invested in TALKING SMACK about them.

Seeing as I have yet to actually see anything come to fruition..

Corace # 2 said...

I think I can speak for both Team Corace and Team Slow and Low when I say that if somebody wants fruition then somebody is going to buried in it in due time.

In the meantime however, perhaps somebody better have another couple hundred gelatos and chill the hell out.

jen corace said...

i hear that in your face fruition gelato is the best flavor. hope you are hungry shea, cuz i think there's going to be an all you can eat gelato bar at the opening...with sprinkles.

slow + low = trouble said...

[Hide the pipes and Fritos, guys! The den mother just showed up!]

Are you even ready for the fruitions of our labor? the fruitions of the loom?

Good thing you got them fancy Nordstrom's sunglasses because the glory of our work might burn its brilliance into your nekkid eyes.

Ray said...

"what i was going to say is that when i read your comment i thought 'a canadian talking about failure? looks like the expert is in the house'"

Sorry I didn't respond, I was out enjoying some free healthcare in the clean air of my non-recession, non-aggression country.

You're right to call us failures though... we certainly haven't terrorized as many countries as you have. It is our great national shame.


"Speaking of failingness... Maybe you want to explain to the class why I'm even participating in this show?"

What do they call it? An understudy? Yeah, that's it.

jen corace said...

usa...terrorizing countries? listen ray, if you want to buy into the canadian propaganda machine be my guest.

so how did all that free health care work out for the dude who got his head hacked off? oh, it didn't work out? wait, what? people fled the bus instead of trying to stop the knife wielding psychopath? that's a shame.

you all need some 'what would anna swan do?' bracelets...because that lady would have opened some cans of whoop ass. her giant ass head hangs low.

also..'understudy?' you know this is an art show and not a play, right? you canadians and your canadianisms are so crazy.

deb + rich little = trouble said...

[clap][pointy fingers]

Who's up next in the Tiny Showcase Showdown Celebrity Roast 2008??

Ray said...

"also..'understudy?' you know this is an art show and not a play, right? "

Before I say what I have to say, let me remind you that you all brought this on yourself. I'm sorry to have to bring out the deadly weapons, but you've forced me into a position that offers no other solution.


You are all stinky bums with googley-eyes glued on. You look goofy because the eyes jiggle around independently then one of the eyes falls off because you CAN'T EVEN GLUE SOMETHING TO YOUR BUM PROPERLY.


That being said, this show will rule, dudes.

Michelle W. said...

Still funny.

I am Canadian too.

jen corace said...

sorry for the delay...i wouldn't want it to seem like i had tossed in the towel.

hey kitten...i hope you didn't pull a leg getting out of the litter box with that last one...all googly eyes and bums.

update: me and jason's can of whoop ass is nearly sealed and ready to be unleashed.