Friday, January 11, 2008


here is a better photo that fully encompasses the awesomeosity of my new bike. it's mind blowing. emily did an AMAZING job. she's an amazing person and amazingly talented in things and ways beyond bike building. and bike building is a pretty spectacular craft so imagine the above and beyond amazingness of one miss emily klass. you can't because it's too nuts. you'd have to be hospitalized.

my posts, like my brain right now, are piecey and spotty at best. someone/a lot of people/everyone in the world has said that having a dog is like having a baby. i have never had a baby. i have seen other folks have and care for babies. i have heard the unending conversations about stages and poop and diapers and potty training and possible mutterings of first words and what products are best for what and the newest baby book and the newest theories about rearing and on and on and on and on. i have seen and heard all of this with my own eyes and i have thought....what is up with THAT? no thank you.

well here i am on the other side.

i think about the dog and what it is doing and it peeing in a room where i can't see it and how am i going to structure my day and why isn't he eating and i thought we had a good 'going outside schedule' yet the pile on the bedroom floor is telling me different and i thought all dogs loved to walk and here are one thousand other things i never read about french bulldogs and who is the best vet to take him to and will all the learning we've already been done be lost after the big snip next week because he'll be so bummed and what kind of collar or leash or harness is best and on and on and on.

when people call, it's all i talk about.
my friend sarah came over last night and conversation kept coming around to the dog.
i have started refering to mr. pants and i as 'we'.
what is up with THAT?

i know it hasn't even been a week. i know it's going to let up and become everyday normal. i know i have nothing to complain about because he's a totally chill and awesome dog and we are all still transitioning. it's all good.

it's all good.


emily said...

dumbfounded. that is the most beautiful bicycle I have ever seen.

bluewater said...

I love your bike Jen and you new dog. Would you mind letting me know who made your bike? I just want you to know I am a huge fan of your work. I have some of your pieces and live in Portland...

jen corace said...

hey bluewater,

my friend emily klass made my bike for me through circle a cycles in providence, ri. i say "through" circle a b/c she no longer lives in providence and would work on the bike on visits and also b/c circle a generally only makes fancy pants speedy bikes, not granny bikes. lucky for me that i have such a swell friend.

Deb! said...

Oh my bejeezus, the bike is beautiful and the head badge makes me teary. Not like paper but like weeping. Congrats on the book, the bike, the dog and having swell friends! haha! xo.

jen said...

that IS an awesome bike, down to the tan leather seat. in fact, i'm quite envious: when i had moved to austin, i wanted a bike very similar to yours, except the seat would be a slightly darker brown leather stamped or embossed with roses (where i would find such a thing, goodness only knows) and there'd be a brownish wicker basket in the front. :)

most of my conversations with my friends come back to Spoo Kee, my cat. it's ok, it's only b/c we love our pets so much!